New bamboo & wool felt crib mobiles by Petit Collage.  Laser-cut from sustainably harvested bamboo plywood, an earth-friendly renewable resource. These deluxe bamboo crib mobiles also features 100% wool felt elephant ears that easily slot into place – adds a pop of color!


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lower prices!

November 11, 2010

Check it out~ Petit Collage has new lower prices on their acrylic mirrors & bamboo crib mobiles!  Click on image for pricing!


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happy earth week

April 23, 2010

Clever Tomato gives recognition to designers who support the world of sustainable design.


{Modern Baby Furniture | Kids Furniture | Teen Furniture}

ducduc, a collaborative design house based in NYC, made in New England.  All furniture products are made in the US in their factory allowing for custom finishes and details.  This allows control of their manufacturing processes, environmental impact and making sure your not getting lead paint.

The ducduc team designs with a comprehensive philosophy rooted in four principles: self-expression, nurturing, versatility, and environment.  All products are designed to grow with your child and serve multiple functions throughout your home. ducduc is responsible to our world, only using non toxic, pollutant free finishes that get harder and more lustrous over time, harvested wood (100% hardwood) and carry a small carbon footprint.

Designed by loll, an outdoor furniture producer of contemporary, durable all-weather furniture.  Made with superior grade recycled high density polyethylene (HDPE). The HDPE used has an attractive aesthetic and does not have the look of more common recycled material. The plastic furniture has a pure, clean, and refined look and is much heavier than thin-gauge molded plastic outdoor furniture.  High grade stainless steel fasteners hold everything together forever. Very durable, superiorly crafted and suitable for a commercial settings.

HDPE is a high density polyethylene, a plastic resin used in products and packaging such as milk jugs, detergent bottles, margarine tubs, and garbage containers. Post consumer HDPE is a material or finished product that has served its intended use and has been diverted or recovered from waste destined for disposal, having completed its life as a consumer item.  The company estimates that eight recycled milk jugs are used for every pound of weight used.  At the end of its life the furniture can be recycled again.

Oeuf had made it its mission to ensure environmentally sound products starting with the choice of materials to the manufacturing processes to the selection of recycled packaging.

Oeuf furniture is produced in the small European country of Latvia.  Latvia is covered by over 70% forest and thus has a proud tradition of wood working.  As a respected member of the European Community, Latvian manufactures adhere to strict, well enforced regulations relating to labor, safety, quality, and the environment.  The partners of Oeuf believe those same standards best reflect their own values of fair work practices and conservation.
Conservation is no stranger to Latvia, or Europe for that matter; it has been a way of life for generations.  Concerning the environment, below are some points worth noting about the manufacturers of Oeuf baby furniture.
  • Forest Stewardship Certificate holders.
  • All wood wastes are 100% recycled into briquettes which are then used as a modern heating system for the factories.
  • Responsible recycling of finishing material through licensed collecting facilities after all components have been utilized to their fullest.”~ oeuf
Petit Collage designs and produces a collection of graceful crib mobiles which are laser cut into simple shapes to showcase the beauty of natural bamboo and earth-friendly renewable resources.
Handcrafted in America in their California studio.

fsc  certified FSC certified wood – Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) ecolabel. The ecolabel ensures the wood has been independently certified by SmartWood as meeting the standards set by the Forest Stewardship Council for environmentally responsible forestry. Every piece of ecotots kids furniture is produced with FSC 100% Certified, formaldehyde-free real wood.
fsc  certified Eco-friendly finish – Ecotots unique finishing process utilizes advanced water based stains and finishes that are UV-cured to minimize harmful off-gases and by-products.
fsc certified No tool assembly – Each piece of Ecotots kids furniture is designed and manufactured to assemble quickly and easily with absolutely no tools or hardware. Their patented designs and unique assembly methods set them apart from other “No Tools” furniture.  Some pieces of Ecotots furniture also disassemble for easy storage and transport.
fsc  certified Manufactured in the USA – Every piece of Ecotots kids furniture is designed and manufactured in the USA. Their corporate offices are located in Indianapolis, IN and production facility is located in Richmond, IN.
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